Customized bags, mugs, tea towels, and many more!
Children's design project to fund school activities

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with Pegasus, gathering funds for school activities is easy!

  1. The school
    do the drawings

  2. We print the drawings
    on the items
    you have chosen

  3. The sale
    of these items
    makes a profit for
    the school to fund
    other activities

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Why chose

Beautiful customized items
to finance school activities!

Here is an original and educational project for schools

The children's drawings printed on towels, aprons, bags, placemats, mugs, greeting cards
We can print up to 400 drawings on an item!

The drawing of the child surrounded with those of their companions is a beautiful souvenir

Just like a class photo, an original present for the family and the friends and an ideal way to finance the school's funds.

The "fun" in fundraising!

The children love drawing, and enjoy seeing their work of art printed and brought to life! The parents treasure these beautiful souvenirs, and the school can generate a profit to fund other activities such as a school trip!
For an average order of 300 towels the school profit is more than 500€.

A project open to all

For schools, individuals, businesses, associations…

Pegasus doesn’t just work with schools, but also with individuals, businesses, and associations… everyone who wants to raise funds to finance an activity, which is amusing, charitable, institutional or simply for the pleasure of offering or creating a project enjoyable to everyone!

customized business bags, association t-shirts, restaurant menu on placemat, mug for a gift idea and customized tea towels