Customized bags, mugs, tea towels, and many more!
Children's design project to fund school activities

How does it work?

  1. Order the design kit, free and without obligation

  2. The design kit includes:

    • cards for the drawings
      10x15cm (A6)

    • a bag of special
      drawing pens

    • free

    • order form
      and instructions

    • pre-sale notes
      for the parents

  3. Send us the designs and the order form

  4. 2 weeks later, you receive your order with the printed items!

get your free design kit

Carry out your projet with Pegasus:
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It’s all profit and no risk

Detailed information

design kit

You can order the design kit through our website,
or any other means of contact:

- e-mail: infos[a.r.0.b.a.s.3]pegasus[p.0.1.n.t.f.r],
- telephone: +33 1 53 69 96 60,
- fax: +33 1 53 69 96 61,
- regular post: 31 rue de la Croix Nivert - 75015 Paris - France

It's free, and without commitment.

The design kit includes the cards for the drawings, and the thick felt tip pens required to ensure the good legibility of the drawings.
Once the drawings are made, fill out the order form, and send it all back to us (drawings + order form) .
The kit also includes free samples and pre-sale notes for the parents, to help evaluate the number of items you should order.

The kit includes:

  • cards for the drawings
    10x15cm (A6)

  • a bag of special
    drawing pens

  • free

  • order form
    and instructions

  • pre-sale notes
    for the parents

printed designs


The size of the drawings on the printed item is inversely proportional to the number of drawings supplied (the fewer the drawings the larger the final printed size).


For best results, we recommend that you do not put more than 300 drawings on a towel and about 200 on the other items (400 with front and back printing).
These are the recommended figures; if the drawings are good and clear, we can increase these numbers and the result will still be good.

Felt tip pens

It is important that the drawings be made with thick felt tip pens to ensure a good legibility.


Each model is a separate order and is priced as such and not cumulatively. Except: Mugs, plates, moneyboxes, memos, placemats and calendars (one model per class, cumulative quantities).
We must treat each model individually (design, film, chemicals, etc.).
E.g.: two models of 150 items each will be priced at the 150 rate, not together at the 300 rate. This is why we do not recommend that you order one model per class. One model for the whole school, or section of the school works very well and is more profitable for you.

However, the technology for printing on mugs, plates, placemats, memos and calendars (numeric) grants more flexibility: possibility of lesser quantities, printing in all colors and photos. If you want to do this project per class, these are the ideal items, and the prices are cumulative.


The same drawings can be used on several different items. For example if you have sent us drawings for towels, we can use those drawings to print T-shirts or other items either at the same time or at a later date. We only change the layout.

Different items or models are not cumulative

3 different models of tea towels,
50 of each = 3 x price for 50 tea towels

Except: mugs, plates, placemats, memos and calendars.

3 different models of mugs,
50 of each = price for 150 mugs


Centered amidst the designs we print the name of your school, class, school year, logo, city, or any other desired text.

For the textile items, supply a well contrasted logo, preferably in black and white. No photos.

For the other items (mugs, plates, placemats, memos and calendars), there are no restrictions. We can print photos or color logos.


The «little men» are just an idea, you can chose any other theme: trees, animals, flowers, etc.


Order without risk

For orders inferior or equal to one item per child (picture), we take back any unsold items at full price.
You do not commit money in advance, you receive the printed items, make the sale, return any unsold items and only pay for the items you sold.
You settle the bill 90 days after reception of the printed goods.

How many items should you order?

We advise that your initial order should not be more than 1,5 item per child.
if you didn’t order enough, you can still re-order at the initial price.
if you ordered too many, we can take back the unsold items.
See conditions for re-orders and return of unsold below.

To help evaluate the number of items you should order, you can use the pre-sale notes for the parents, that you can download on this page or on each product page. Have the parents fill them out to let you know how many items they wish to buy.


After your initial order, you may re-order.
Minimum re-order is 30 identical items (except mugs, plates, moneyboxes, greeting cards, placemats, memos and calendars: no minimum re-orders).
Re-ordered items are charged at the same rate as the original order, no matter the quantity or the period (active or calm).
You can re-order by e-mail, fax, or regular post.
Re-order delivery: about 1 week.

Return of unsold

For orders inferior or equal to one item per child (picture), refund is at full price.
For orders of more than one item per child, refund is 1€ per item.

An example:
116 pictures sent, 116 items ordered: returns refunded at full cost price.
116 pictures sent, 150 items ordered: refund is at 1€ per item.

Return quantities: minimum 25 items, maximum 100.
Carriage charged to the customer.
Return deadline: 3 months after the invoice date.
Re-orders: no returns of unsold


Delivery times

Allow 2 weeks for regular orders, 1 week for re-orders.
Emergency: please contact us.

Carriage charge

A carriage charge of 24,50€ will be levied on each order.

For all orders (items/models) sent at the same time, you will only pay one carriage charge.

Exception for the mugs, moneyboxes, plates:
carriage charge 0,30€ / item.

selling price and payment

Selling price / profit

Our advice is that you should mark up these items by 50%.
For example 300 items costing 5€ and sold for 7,5€ make a profit of 750€ for your school funds.


You may pay after delivery or after the sale. Maximum 90 days (invoice date)

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