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Children's design project to fund school activities

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Jute bag


designs max.

Eco friendly and stylish

Personalised jute bags with the children's drawings. 100% biodegradable, 100% natural.
Machine washable.

Quantity Period
Average order Estimated profit*
500 + 4,25 € 4,40 € 500 pcs 1875 €
300 - 499 4,75 € 4,90 € 400 pcs 1300 €
150 - 299 4,95 € 5,10 € 225 pcs 686 €
50 - 149 5,45 € 5,60 € 100 pcs 255 €

The calm and active periods are based on the date the designs are sent.

Calm : september october january february march july august

Active : november december april may june

*Profit estimated on a re-sale price of 8 €

100% natural jute bag with pocket

Easily worn on the shoulder with its long handles.
10cm gusset, great capacity.
Print: one side, on the pocket. Machine washable.


40x35x10 cm.

Choice of cloth color

  • natural

Choice of print color

  • red ink


  • orange ink


  • pink ink


  • purple ink


  • royal ink


  • navy ink


  • green ink


  • black ink


Number of designs

We recommend around 180 designs maximum. If there are more children, you can divide the designs over two or more different models.

Water based ink

We use environmentally friendly water based inks. These sink into the fabric and do not rest on top as plastic inks do. Touch the designs and you will feel nothing!

the plus of Pegasus!

  • More eco friendly and prettier with our water based ink!

  • Large pocket on the front

get the design kit

tip to make your order easier

It can be difficult to decide how many items to order!
No problem, because if you ordered too many, we can take back any unsold items.
And if you didn’t order enough, you can still re-order.
But to help evaluate the number of items you should order, you can use the pre-sale notes for the parents!

download the pre-sale notes
jute bag
download the order form

How does it work?

  1. Order the design kit, free and without obligation

  2. The design kit includes:

    • cards for the drawings
      10x15cm (A6)

    • a bag of special
      drawing pens

    • free

    • order form
      and instructions

    • pre-sale notes
      for the parents

  3. Send us the designs and the order form

  4. 2 weeks later, you receive your order with the printed items!

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